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Our Core Values

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Americhem Sales Company is a Midwest producer and distributor of bulk and packaged industrial and automotive oils, fluids, solvents, and specialty chemical blends.  Conveniently located in Mason, Michigan, our central location allows for prompt distribution to several regional metropolitan markets. 


ASC specializes in the rapid production and expedited distribution of an impressive portfolio of products manufactured on-site.  Our dedicated transportation fleet is second to none, allowing us to service customers of all needs.  From bulk transport to pail and drum deliveries, Americhem is a leading chemical distributor that delivers! 


Our on-site laboratory ensures that products manufactured and distributed by ASC are of the highest quality and integrity. 


Additionally, Americhem Sales Company is proud to be recognized as a leader in responsible chemical distribution.  The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) awarded its first annual RESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION EXCELLENCE AWARD to our team.  This recognition is a true testament to our core organizational values and guiding principles.

Americhem is a First Hyperion member company.


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Pure Spaces® is a service that brings your facilities a proprietary sanitizing solution using an electrostatic spray to quickly decontaminate and sanitize areas of various sizes, difficult to reach spaces, and high traffic locations that require frequent treatment.


Americhem ensures that our products are distributed in accordance with the principles and practices of the Responsible Distribution Process as set forth by the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). All NACD member companies are committed to product stewardship and the responsible management of chemicals in every phase of storage, handling, transportation, and disposal. ASC continuously strives to improve performance in protecting health, safety, security and the environment.


Americhem Sales Company is ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Standard Registered and ranks highly in customer satisfaction.




Innovative products engineered to meet specifications and maintain machinery performance.



Blending services designed to streamline your supply chain. Excellent solvency power and water miscibility.

Personal Hygiene


FDA approved hand sanitizers and wipes formulated with IPA and Aloe Vera that are gentle enough for everyday use.

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