Kevin C. Battle has a B.S. in Industrial Technology, with a major in chemistry, from Central Michigan University.  Battle began his career in the oil and chemical field with Total GARAP in 1979. 

In the beginning as Operations Manager for Total he designed systems for General Motors and other plants to reclaim waste oil streams as well as had the responsibility for set up and design of hydrocarbon purification systems. He was instrumental in developing a maintenance program for high speed centrifuge systems and traveled extensively to promote the system.

In 1983, he was promoted to Area Manager of the wholesale gasoline and fuel oil department for Total Petroleum. During his position as Area Manager he implemented company programs, such as image enhancements and rebate programs. He sold bulk tenders of gasoline and fuel oil, initiated contracts with petroleum jobbers and handled quality issues for exceptional customer service.

In 1990, he was promoted to Manager of Specialty Products for Total Petroleum/UDS. Battle excelled in his managerial and sales skills with his marketing of specialty products.

Battle began his career with Americhem Sales Corporation in 1999 after the closing of Total's refinery in Alma, MI.  As Operations Manager at ASC, Battle brought extensive oil experience to the company and expanded the company's supply base through his contacts in the oil industry.

Battle, through ASC, is an active member of the Independent Lubricants Manufacturers Association (ILMA) attending annual and semi-annual meetings.




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