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Truck Delivery Services

Delivery Services

Americhem Sales Company's dependable truck delivery service consists of an entire fleet of 2020 International® brand tractors. Each tractor is equipped with its own dedicated pumping and compressor system, allowing trans-fill and air-off capabilities at all points of pick-up or customer delivery.


Americhem’s sixteen bulk product tankers (4 of which are insulated stainless steel) allow us to deliver fluids of various types and volumes.  Our multi-compartment tankers allow for a combination of products to be delivered within the same shipment!


Americhem’s four route delivery trailers ensure a consistent and reliable means for transporting pails, drums, and totes, reaching a large geographic distribution area. 


No matter what size your order, from pails to drums to totes and bulk, Americhem Sales Company has you covered.  We deliver across the State of Michigan and throughout the Midwest.  Contact us today to find out when we are in your area with our truck delivery services.

Contact us today to find out when we are in your area delivering products.

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