Pure Spaces® greatly reduces interruptions in businesses and supply chains by eliminating the bacteria and viruses that contribute to employee health deficiencies contracted within the workplace. Pure Spaces® is an effective preventative service, keeping employees healthy and workplaces clean and sanitized. 


Pure Spaces® solution has sanitizing and disinfecting properties MORE EFFECTIVE THAN BLEACH, yet non-toxic and non-corrosive to people, equipment, and work environments.

Our solution has met the efficacy requirements set forth by the EPA to combat COVID-19 as well as many other difficult to treat disease causing pathogens like the Flu and Norovirus.

Our product and application service will exceed traditional methods of disinfecting effectiveness and eliminate the need for harsh chemical exposure within your facilities.

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Americhem Sales Company's dependable truck fleet consists of 2020 International® brand tractors. Each tractor is equipped with its own dedicated pumping and compressor system, allowing trans-fill and air-off capabilities at all points of pick-up or customer delivery.


Americhem’s sixteen bulk product tankers (4 of which are insulated stainless steel) allow us to deliver fluids of various types and volumes.  Our multi-compartment tankers allow for a combination of products to be delivered within the same shipment!


Americhem’s four route delivery trailers ensure a consistent and reliable means for transporting pails, drums, and totes, reaching a large geographic distribution area. 


No matter what size your order, from pails to drums to totes and bulk, Americhem Sales Company has you covered.  We deliver across the State of Michigan and throughout the Midwest.  Contact us today to find out when we are in your area delivering products.

Contact us today to find out when we are in your area delivering products.


An on-site laboratory facility ensures products distributed by ASC are of high quality and integrity.

The Americhem team makes the difference. Our chemists and trained technicians have the product expertise needed to blend even the most challenging emulsions. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with the tools required to meet your specifications every time.

We offer the following testing at our facility:

  • Distillation Range

  • Density

  • KB Value

  • Total Acid Number

  • PH (Soluble Oils)

  • Refractive Index

  • Karl Fischer

  • Kinematic Viscosity

  • Aniline Point

  • Flash Point, TCC, COC

  • FTIR

Tell us the tests you need and we will deliver it to your company.


Safety is at the core of our business and central to every service we perform. Americhem has on-site regulatory and safety experts. Our team will work with you to review safety and environmental considerations for special projects.

Our safety and technical training services include:

  • Product safety and handling

  • Chemical delivery safety evaluation

  • Regulatory reference materials

  • Safety reference materials

  • Industry contacts for safety, regulatory, and engineering needs

If your company needs improvements in chemical safety, we can help.




Americhem Sales Corporation offers custom blending to meet our customer’s unique needs. Most all requests can be formulated to meet the customer need.  On-site laboratory testing will confirm product specifications.


We are capable of custom oil blends with technologically advanced additive packages such as anti-wear, anti-foam, rust and oxidation inhibitors, as well as a full line of custom solvent blends and customer specific blending.

Contact us today to find out when we are in your area delivering products.

Contact us today to find out when we are in your area delivering products.


Americhem Sales Corporation offers the following Waste Removal Services:

  • Hazardous

  • Non-Hazardous

  • Oil

  • Wastewater

  • Solvents

  • Paints

  • Computers

  • Fluorescent Lights

  • Rags & Filters

  • Liquids & Solids.

Protect your facility and employees by removing all hazardous waste


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