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Our staff consists of dedicated safety specialists that can help you with technical trained. Whether you need to understand product safety and handling or chemical delivery safety, we are here to help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your safety and technical training.

If your company needs improvements in chemical safety, we can help.




We can accommodate any of your chemical blending needs and formulate a unique solution for you. Once formulated, our laboratory will conduct all necessary testing for you. We can create any custom blend that you have in mind. Contact us to get started and to see what we can do for your company.

Contact us today to find out when we are in your area delivering products.



Our private truck fleet can meet your delivery needs with each truck having a dedicated pumping and compressor system. We can deliver any type of fluid or liquid safely to the final destination for your company. Our delivery region includes areas across the state of Michigan and the Midwest. Contact us today for more information and get started with your first delivery shipment.

Contact us today to find out when we are in your area delivering products.


laboratory Testing

Our on-site laboratory allows us to test products to ensure quality and safety standards are being exceeded. Our technology and trained chemists and technicians will thoroughly check your products to make sure all standards are met before being shipped. Contact us today if you have a specific test that needs to be performed and we can assist you.

Tell us the tests you need and we will deliver it to your company.

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